Adam Cole
An idealist in his mid twenties, Adam has anti-authority, anti-corporate and anarchist views. He came to the capital city for his studies. He comes from a small town where his parents worked as teachers. He was brought up amongst computers and other high-tech gadgets that require constant Internet access. He quickly learned to tweak their code to enhance their usability, to his own needs. In his teens he hacked servers and corporate web sites for fun.

In college he became affiliated with a group protesting the on-going governmental and corporate restrictions of Internet freedom and anonymity. He turned down a couple of lucrative positions in tech firms and instead devoted himself to “the service of the people”. He has few reservations about using his computer skills and insight for financial gain, however more often his activities are carried out “for the lulz”, and often illegally. His new entourage not only accepts his endeavours but also finds them socially responsible and moral.

Adam is well aware that he is not the only one who can use new technology to his own advantage. He believes that corporations and the government not only control their citizens but also shape their views by filtering content. Adam dreams of committing an attack of massive proportions to erase all of the data collected on every individual. In essence freeing them. It is this idea that pushes him to join Yanek, a known cybercriminal, who pretends to be a socially engaged hacker.